Agro-Impex is fruit plants nursery with assortment of fruit trees, rootstocks, grapevine, rose, berry, soft fruit, nuts and other plants

If you are planning to plant fruit orchards on large areas i.e. taking the first steps in doing so or you started considering establishing fruit orchards, feel free to contact us throughout the year and at least few months before the season starts. In that way we can ensure you the best and biggest choice of varieties and rootstocks, because before the start of the season, before the demand is at it’s peak, is the best chance for you to find exactly what you need. Our fair recommendation is that you call us at least a year before (for specific vaieties you want to buy) to up to two years before in advance (for demanded varieties on specific rootstock) before planting, so that we can produce exactly the varieties you are looking for.

This period gives us time to organise the demanded production of fruit trees in advance and in a controlled way.

If planting orchard is approached in a modern way, professionally with long-term plans, it brings profitable results year after year and can represent a more than secure source of income.